Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last night was pretty bad ...

Well, I did have a pretty bad herx last night. I was very achy again and painful and finally broke down and had a good long cry. My sweet husband just knelt over my bed and consoled me. Thank GOD I have him to comfort me!

This morning I mostly just felt weak. We did go into town and had lunch and did a little bit of shopping. Towards the end, my legs were weak and I felt a bit unsteady and very ready to get home. I was tired and yawning the whole drive home.

This evening I made myself take my 2nd dose of Flagyl. I had only one dose the past 2 days so decided to suck it up and take both today. So far, so good! I really want to get as much action from all these antibiotics as I can ... without totally making myself miserable! My theory is no pain, no gain! I pray that is the right one!

We also took our dog, Bear, on a 15 minute walk tonight. Not feeling too terrible from that which yesterday, the same walk is what seemed to set-off the herxing! Maybe the worst of this one is over?


  1. Oh....I am so sorry!! I am right there with you. Tonight I am in SO MUCH PAIN. It is awful!! Thanks for the perspective...Lord, please kill this disease in our bodies.


  2. Sorry to hear you had a tough night--although, I know it would be horrible, I wish I would herx on something--not sure I have killed anything the whole time I have been on treatment. 7 months and antibiotics. Wonder if I should have been on Flagyl.


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