Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Symptoms, Symptoms ..... grrrrrr....

The past two nights in bed, I have had a throbbing pain in my forehead over my left eye. Still don't seem to have any sinus "issues" so who knows what this is? I've also noticed that my head / neck area seem to crack and pop more often and more easily. Funny that this is even one of the noted symptoms. Isn't that weird? uugh!

I am still having continued muscle twitching and sometimes it is more frequent and more pronounced than at other times. My hands are getting more stiff and painful it seems nearly every day and I'm sure that continuing to use my computer isn't helping matters but I will NOT give up my computer time. Heck, what else do I have for entertainment right now? Honestly, NOTHING! :(

Hubby and Bear and I took our "nightly" walk last night and then I came home to read that walking isn't "good" for me right now per the infamous Dr. Burrascano! *sigh* I guess I will just try to do some stretching exercises and maybe only walk once or twice a week and go more slowly? Who knows?

My knees were more painful last night and I had that sharp pain in my second to big toe but this time on my right foot. The worst thing though is that this morning, I woke up with major soreness in my right groin area! Upon investigation, I found another "bump". This isn't quite as "personal" as the last ... it is closer to the groin area where my leg meets my body. All through that area is extremely tender and sore and this REALLY concerns me as that is the location where I had my heart catheterization and that StarClose clip is "installed" permanently in me! :(

Just what I need ... more worries!


  1. When you mention cracking and popping in the neck, what does it sound like. I have a little, but never anything real noticable.

  2. Well, just like today while I was driving, I just looked to the right and my neck popped. I can be sitting at my desk and barely turn my head and it will crack ... you know just like a normal sort of popping when you are trying to pop your neck or something only I'm NOT and it happens so easily with little movement. Does that help? You know how difficult these symptoms are to explain ... lol! Always something!


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