Thursday, August 5, 2010

Symptom Check

The past two nights before bedtime, I've had a bit of indigestion and today after lunch my tummy was a bit upset. A bit of cramping and a good "emptying" but nothing too serious so far.

Day before yesterday, my 2nd toe (beside big toe) on my left foot was shooting sharp pains on the backside and this continued through the night. It was quite uncomfortable but sort of came and went. Yesterday it was gone as quickly as it came.

Yesterday late in the day, I began having a sharp sort of throbbing or pulsating pain in my right thigh which also continued through the night. It is still causing pain off and on today as well. I have also had noticeable muscle twitches a bit more in my feet and legs while sitting at my desk.

Perhaps the most worrysome symptom is one I had last night and a while ago today as well. I have had some heart palpitations which leave me feeling a bit breathless for a few minutes afterwards. I asked some of my Lyme friends online and they said it could be part of a herx as well from beginning the Flagyl but Magnesium deficiency can also cause them. So, tonight I will take a hot Epsom Salt bath to try and help with that!

I'm considering not taking my suppertime dose of Flagyl tonight but again, I am trying so hard to be "brave" with my treatment. *sigh*

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