Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2nd LLMD Visit - Aug. 24, 2010

Well, was I feeling stupid today! Found out that the 3 weeks on / off of Flagyl was supposed to be INSTEAD of my Doryx and Ceftin, NOT in ADDITION to! oops! LOL!
So I have been really dosing myself the abx! He said that's ok but he prefers to give me a break from the Doryx and Ceftin while switching to the Flagyl and kind of take the spirochetes by surprise!

This week is supposed to start my Flagyl 3 week break but now he's changed my Flagyl to Tinidazole because I have neuroborreliosis. In addition to changing Flagyl to Tinidazole, he also added Rifampin to my protocol. He suspects that I also have Bartonella ... which I was expecting him to conclude as well, based on my symptoms!

I had quite a few "bad" labs so I am also to add DHEA, CoEnzyme B complex, Vitamin D-3, and something called MaxGXL that alone will be $80.00 per month! *sigh* He also did say that we would wait and see how I do over the next 6 weeks and could possibly look into a PICC in the future if my symptoms don't improve. So that's pretty much it for this visit.

EDIT TO ADD: Oh, he also confirmed that my Igenex Lyme test was VERY positive. He said that the Bb specific bands are 18, 31, 34, & 66 and I have them all.

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