Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Symptom Update

Just when I thought I couldn't find anything new happening ... here come two more new symptoms. A couple of nights ago, I awoke to a sharp pain in my right upper arm. Upon feeling the area with my hand, I found a very tender spot and a small "bump" down under the skin. Not sure what to think of it but never have noticed it before now. It is still there today ... about 3 days later.

In addition, this next one sounds a bit far-fetched but upon further study, it is apparently another common "ailment". Night before last, I could not get to sleep (after being awoken) by an insane itching of my head and neck! I had no reason to think that my scalp was dirty ... heck, this was the first truly "coolish" day we have had in months! I was beginning to think that I had bed bugs but just on my pillow. Ugh! Anyway, as I stated above, this is another common symptom of parasites. UUGH, I hate that word!!! Where is House when you need him?

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