Friday, August 20, 2010

More strange pains and confusion .....

The strange sharp pain in my right upper arm happened in the exact same place while driving for the first time this week ... today ... only in my left arm this time. Same spot, and I could even feel a tiny bump again!

Now, as I am typing this, it is happening again back on the right side and my right shin is hurting as well. My right hip and upper leg feel achy as well. For some reason, driving starts pain for me. I had a 30 minute one-way trip to meet my friend for lunch and about halfway there, the arm pain started.

On top of the frustration of more pain, I am very upset and embarrassed. When the waiter brought our checks for lunch, I discovered that somehow my debit card has "magically" disappeared from my wallet, purse and apparently the face of the earth! My friend had to cover my tab and I was so embarrassed since I asked her to lunch! :( I've looked everywhere for my card and can't find it anywhere. It's pretty upsetting that the one day this week that I finally venture out on my own, I screw up like this! :(

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