Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Visit With My LLMD - 6.07.2012

Well, after going to a walk-in clinic for my horrendous rash, I was told that they wouldn't treat me and that the prescribing doctor for the Doxycycline needed to be the one. So, the NP actually called and made an appointment for the next day for me to See Dr. K. in Franklin. I was very disappointed because Dr. K just walked into the room, didn't even sit down, quickly looked at my arms and said, "Yep, that's a Doxy rash ... see them all the time!" Ummm, ok! No comments, no advise, no further treatments suggested?

I asked about my labs and he basically said that everything was fine and since the tick came back "normal" then I was good. No explanation for my symptoms ... when I asked about them, he simply said, "I have no idea." I tell you, it also sounded like "and I really don't care" either!

He said that if I wanted to talk more that I needed to schedule a follow-up appointment so with that, I left and felt very "let down". I knew the first visit this time that he seemed like he didn't really want to deal with another Lyme Disease patient / case and I guess I was right. Apparently he has (over the past two years) experienced some major burn-out with Lyme and co-infections and the mystery that it all entails!

So here I am ... all the same symptoms when I first was bitten and tested POSITIVE for Lyme through IGENEX over 2 years ago but because my labs were "fine" then I'm on my own??? The past several days ... ever since taking my last Medrol pill (steroid) ... I have been very achy and painful again and have experienced weakness in my hips, lower back, spine and legs! Something is still WRONG! Maybe the ONE tick I sent off this time was negative but I was bitten by at least THREE others that I pulled off of me during the same week! One of them could have easily re-infected me OR they just stirred up the dormant Lyme Disease already in my body. I admittedly quit my Lyme antibiotics therapy just before the holidays during my first infection because I was so tired of it! Up until RIGHT AFTER this last TICK BITE, I had been doing pretty well. I would still get random pains and muscles twitches but nothing like I am having again NOW!

Since I no longer have a "LLMD" and there is not another one that I know of in the state of Tennessee, I have decided to see a neurologist! People in the Lyme community have warned me NOT to do this because most do not "believe" in chronic Lyme infection but I want a thorough neurological exam and maybe I can start ruling out things at least!

My GP got me an appointment with a local neurologist one week from today on 6.21.2012. I am so thankful!