Monday, September 6, 2010

"Neuro Head" Issues .....

I've been having more distressing neuro issues lately. I have a general uneasy feeling in my head and have lots of different pains. Some are sharp pains in my head and some are in the base of my skull which sometimes causes an itching type feeling along a nerve located there. I also have some facial pain and my left shoulder has been acting up ... with pain. Additionally, I get pains in the side of my neck and am feeling a woozy type feeling in my head when I walk ... as if I could be off balance. I do find myself being a bit off-balance again and I do not like that at all!!!

I am still having regular speech issues .... saying wrong words or scrambling the letters up and it really irritates me. I can hear myself doing it but can't seem to get the words to come out right. Today I got stuck on a sentence while trying to tell my granddaughter something simple. I finally just said, "I can't even talk" and gave up. :(

Lots of body aches and extreme fatigue again. I yawn so many times per day you would think I would pass out from lack of oxygen! I've also been very highly emotional and easy to break down and cry as well. This is a bad time for me right now. I am praying this will improve and SOON!

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