Thursday, September 2, 2010

Herxing Has Begun - Rifampin

Just a quick note to say that I believe the Rifampin herx has now begun. It's been one full week since I began this newest antibiotic and I have become achy and painful once again. Various random pains and achiness last night all over quite a bit and stiff, achy hips this morning. Feeling more achy again this evening as well. Heading up to bed early again tonight.

Right now my calves and arms and back are aching .... still lots of muscle twitches as well. Started back on Cat's Claw yesterday as well ... had run out of it but found more at our local GNC store. Still waiting for the MaxGxL to come by mail so I can begin that. Couldn't find the Coenzyme B Complex anywhere locally so have ordered it by mail as well.

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