Friday, September 10, 2010

Symptom Update .....

In addition to my bladder problems the past two days, I was also very painful! Although I didn't have any leakage last night in bed, I did have to get up and take 4 Ibuprofen tablets to try and relieve some pain. My legs and hips were hurting so bad it felt like my muscles were being ripped to shreds!

What a difference today was! Although I woke up still a bit painful, I eventually got a burst of ENERGY! Yahoo!!! I can't believe how much better I felt. I even worked outside for quite a while ... used our electric hedge trimmers, raked up all the clippings, pulled weeds and cleaned up the patio area. Normally I wouldn't have been able to even attempt any of that! What a relief to feel fairly normal again!

Surprisingly, I didn't crash afterwards either. The rest of the evening was enjoyable as well. When I got in bed ... after a bath ... I still felt pretty good. Finally the achiness returned but not nearly as bad as the past few nights. It felt more like a true restless legs syndrome type feeling. In addition, I had pronounced stabbing and burning pains particularly in my feet and toes.

I have noticed that today and even yesterday at my "worst" that I haven't had hardly any muscle twitches! I remember having one soon after going to bed last night but the pain was my worst symptom.

I don't really remember having many twitches all day today or this evening either. I do feel like I am getting "stung" by bugs or something in many areas of my body today. Such an annoying and strange sensation! Tonight, as I stated above, I had a hard time getting my legs comfortable and it kept me from getting to sleep so I got up and took 4 more Ibuprofen tablets. Hoping to go back upstairs to bed soon.

A couple more symptoms that I need to note are the icepick stabbing type pains in my head ... more so the past 2 days during my most painful times. Also most of yesterday and a bit today, I have had a sharp pain in my right breast. This evening, I had a weird feeling deep in my throat which was scary but finally passed. So basically, the twitches have improved and the terrible aches have subsided and now mostly it is stabbing, stinging pains in various areas and particularly in the bottom of my left foot.

My feelings about these past couple of days is that the Rifampin herx sort of peaked and today started to subside ... and the good results are less twitching. I sure hope it lasts! I only have to take Rifampin for two more days then I will get to stop it for 3 weeks, as well as my other antibiotics (Doryx and Cefta) while I take only Tinidazole for 3 weeks. The Tinidazole will be another new one for me ... so chances of a "new herx" are likely. Hoping it won't be as bad as the Rifampin herx.

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