Sunday, July 8, 2012

Symptom Update Before I Get My MRI Results

Because I had called and requested to find out the results of my MRI before my next appointment, I got a call this week. The receptionist at the Neurologist's office briefly told me that my report said there where white matter spots and also a mild bulging disc. That is all she could tell me until my follow-up appointment this Tuesday (July 10).

In the meantime, I have had continuing symptoms. Although the past two days, my headaches haven't been as bad, I am having worse balance / walking issues. Also, while eating at Cracker Barrel this weekend, I suddenly dropped my fork because my right hand went numb. On the way out of the store, I almost fell as I lost my balance while reaching for the door to leave. A brand new symptom is a buzzing / vibrating sensation that I had in my ankle or heel of my right foot as I took steps and put weight on it. Very strange indeed!

For now, I have been reading and reading and reading all the sites I can find online that have the symptoms I am experiencing and as usual, it is always Lyme and / or MS that comes up with the closest match. At this point, I just want to know WHAT it is that I have!!!


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  2. I am just now in the same place you are with a Lyme dx and brain lesions. Did you ever find out more about these? And what abx are you taking? (And it is March 2014--have you made progress?)

  3. I have the saaaaaaaaame sh*t out of nowhere and the same MRI report and all I keep coming up with is LD!! I want to pull my hair out

  4. I'm wondering if she still around because this is almost 2 years old


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