Saturday, May 5, 2012

Symptom update: It isn't taking long to remember all the "crazy" symptoms that Lyme and co-infections can give a body! I have already had, terrible body aches which feel like I have the flu, cracking and popping in my neck and jaw, increased joint pain, a few fairly mild muscles twitches thus far and lots of the "creepy crawlies" ... feeling like bugs are crawling on me.

Also, last night, I discovered a red bump on my right hip that looked like another tick bite! Could be another one or possibly one of the "rashes" that are common to occur after you are initially infected. The most disturbing thing that I am kind of freaked about is a large red and itchy rash on the areola of my right breast. It started probably close to a week ago and has gotten worse instead of better! I've only been on my Doxycyline for 2.5 days so I can't blame it on that! My main concern is breast cancer or something. Probably just a heat rash but the timing stinks! :(

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