Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back to the LLMD .... 5.17.2012

Today I saw my LLMD again after a year and a half. He is having me continue with the Doxycycline 400 mg. per day for the next two months at which time I will see him again. In addition he gave me Nystatin and Diflucan to help with yeast and also recommended a couple of supplements as well.

I had my blood drawn today to also check for co-infections and based on those findings, he may prescribe other antibiotics. I am also still waiting to get the results from the tick test to see if it was positive or negative for Lyme. I didn't have it tested for anything else so the test won't really be totally conclusive but at least my LLMD is testing my blood for co-infections.

My doctor said that it is also possible that even if this tick didn't have Lyme Disease, that it also just carried enough other infections that it caused an auto-immune response that made me symptomatic again. Anxious to see what my labs tell.

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