Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back on Antibiotics .... Doctor Appt. Scheduled

Well, here I go again! Dr. K moved my appointment up to May 17th at 12:40 PM, so that is a relief! His first opening was June 4 but when he got word of what happened, (a new tick bite that was engorged) he bumped me up! He also called me in some Doxycycline to get started on killing the Lyme beasts right away! I am to take two 100 mg. tablets twice per day for a total of 400 mg. per day. The script is for 30 days for now but guessing I will probably have another antibiotic added at my visit on the 17th.

As far as symptoms, I was very achy today, a very painful and familiar feeling of what Lyme felt like 2 years ago. Not something I ever wanted to have to "remember" again but at least this time I am into treatment just barely over a week post-bite where last time it was about 6 weeks after!!!

The bruise on my thumb is barely visible now so I am thankful that I took pictures of it right away! Also, I am sending the TICK off to IGENEX Lab in California to be tested for Lyme! It only costs $65.00 for the testing and is most definitely WORTH IT to know for sure if this tick carried Lyme!!! Pretty sure it did since I have symptoms again but it's always good to have proof to show for your illness ... particularly with the controversy that still surrounds Lyme Disease in Tennessee and surrounding states! My pharmacy questioned the high dosage prescribed but when I explained it was for Lyme Disease, she filled it without further question.

Just to show how prevalent ticks are already this season, I had to pull a tick off of my good friend today! It was attached and so tiny she couldn't see well enough to remove it herself. I warned her to be sure to act quickly if she feels ill in any way in the near future!!!

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