Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Return of Symptoms?

Well, it has been 24 days since I last took an antibiotic of any kind. For probably a couple of weeks nows, I have been having some vague leg aches but have been trying very hard to ignore them and haven't mentioned them to anyone. Somehow I hoped that if I didn't verbalize them, then they wouldn't be real and they would just go away.

It's been hard to know for sure because the weather has been so weird as well .... rainy then cold then pretty again, so was just hoping it was an arthritic thing. However, it is the leg weakness and return of some muscle twitching that have me concerned again.

Last evening I began having a constant muscle twitch / spasm on my inner thigh muscle ... just to the right and above my left knee. It was so strong and continuous that my husband and I could both just lie there and watch it. It remained that way sporadically up until bedtime. My legs were quite achy as well. Today, my legs have felt weak and achy all day and it nearly killed me to bend over the tub and bathe my small dog this evening. I know that I am obviously in poor physical condition but this was ridiculous! Now, since bathing my dog, my legs feel so much weaker and I can just tell that tonight in bed will probably be bad.

Tomorrow was to be my next LLMD appointment ... the first since stopping my antibiotics but I cancelled my appointment! I just cannot deal with this right now ... right before Christmas! I knew he would most likely put me back on meds and because I have volunteered to host my hubby's family Christmas at our house this year, I cannot risk being sick and herxing during this time! It's not like a few more weeks off the meds will make a huge difference anyway.

As I am sitting here, my calf muscles in my left leg are twitching. *sigh* I was SO hoping I was done with all of this! :'(

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