Sunday, October 10, 2010

Symptom Update - Day 7 of 2nd Rifampin pulse...

Yesterday I had significant musle aches and pains in my hands, fingers, wrists, ankles, knees, feets, toes, soles of my feet and back. I also had some muscle twitching in my left upper arm. I had a headache and sort of "swimmy" feeling in my head as well.

I took a bath early in the evening and got in bed. I am more fatigued as well. Used lots of minty muscle rub for the first time last night and that seemed to help some. Helps to open the sinuses too ... lol!

So far today, I am achy and feel a general fatigue and weak feeling all over. I feel more unstable on my feet as well. I suppose it is "good" to know that the Rifampin is "working" to kill off germs but it is also disappointing to know that I'm still not well.

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  1. This sounds a lot like me , been over a year now haven't figured out what it is through numerous tests doctors have no idea... but i have muscle twitch like yours and feel unstable on my feet times . all started with headaches as well and list of other symptoms.


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