Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rifampin - Day 19 and COUNTING .....

Well, my LLMD returned my e-mail about pulsing with Rifampin. He said that although it is "certainly safe to pulse with Rifampin" that the other doctors at the recent ILADS conference felt it is better to take it continually for a minimum of 3 months. So, I "get" to stay on this wonderful drug indefinitely now. I was really looking for to being almost over this pulse for 3 weeks. *sigh*

So now I will only get to take a break from Doryx and Ceftin for 3 weeks and begin taking Tinidazole with the Rifampin for 3 weeks, beginning on the 24th of this month. The encouraging part of this, is that while I still have weakness and vague aches and pains, I am feeling much better the past 3 days now. I am praying that the worst of the herxing with Rifampin has now passed and maybe since I don't have to stop and re-start it, that maybe that means I won't have to herx so significantly again with it!

Didn't sleep well at all the past two nights though ... body is tired but mind isn't! I tried to take advantage of being up at 6 am this morning and made myself walk on my treadmill for the first time in months. I was pleased that I managed 10 full minutes! (YAY ME!) I have to say that it actually felt good for my legs during it and now they feel stronger already this morning than the past several weeks! MUST KEEP UP THE EXERCISE!!!

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