Tuesday, October 5, 2010

LLMD Visit - Stopping Rifampin for now

Well, I saw my LLMD today. I told him how much better I have felt since my first pulse (3 weeks) of Rifampin. I just realized that I didn't even tell him anything about what the Tindimax had done ... which really was just a headache the first day or two ... because I have felt so much better since the Rifampin.

The only thing I have noticed with Rifampin is that it causes depression. I just started my 2nd pulse of Rifampin on Sunday and both yesterday (Monday) and today (Tuesday) I have felt very depressed. :( I told Dr. K. about this at our visit today and he said to stop the Rifampin. So now I am back to just pulsing with Doryx and Ceftin for 3 weeks. Then I will pulse the Tindimax for 3 weeks and repeat until my next appointment with Dr. K. in about 8 weeks.

Dr. K. said that if I still feel good the next 8 weeks with no increase or return of symptoms then I might be well enough for him to "release" me!!! Wouldn't that be awesome!!! I am still having some muscle twitching though and he said that it could just be Magnesium deficiency, so he told me to supplement with Magnesium. I sure hope that is all it is because just tonight, I've noticed more leg twitching while sitting here at my desk. *sigh*

The thing that I am worried about now, is that if my symptoms return or worsen and I have stopped Rifampin ... then what can I take? Rifampin if the first drug that has really gotten me back to feeling "normal" again!!! I've had energy and no aches or pains to speak of ... and really very few muscle twitches mostly at night in bed. I really don't want to backslide any! Oh well, time will tell!

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