Thursday, October 14, 2010

Herx Update - Day 12 of Rifampin

Had trouble falling asleep again last night. Wasn't quite as painful except in my arms and shoulders. It was somewhere around 12:30 AM before I fell asleep and I woke up with a bad pressure-type headache at 5:00 AM. I went ahead and got up because it hurt and I couldn't get back to sleep.

Overall today, I have been more achy again. Pretty much all over my body is aching and hurting. My legs are weaker again and I've had some mild hip pains and balance problems again but not the severe type as when I first became ill. My tummy still seems a bit reluctant to eat ... so I really didn't eat but a couple of bites of oatmeal for my breakfast. After both lunch and supper, I felt a tad bit queasy and had to have a BM pretty quickly afterwards. Thankfully nothing too bad ... just mildly uncomfortable.

I contacted my LLMD today and asked about the safety of pulsing with Rifampin and also requested a prescription for Xanax and possibly something for pain. He said that he was going to be attending an ILADS conference this afternoon and would find out more about the safety / issues with pulsing Rifampin! Doctors who have taken on the challenge of treating Lyme Disease are constantly learning and experimenting with this illness and its co-infections as well and I am greatly appreciative that my LLMD is open and willing to admit when he is unsure of a certain protocol!

He also said he would call me in an RX for Xanax and also Cymbalta for pain. If the Cymbalta doesn't help with pain he would prefer me see a pain specialist. I'm hoping that the Cymbalta will help. I am also thinking that the Xanax might also help but it is not something I would want to take on a regular basis just for pain!

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