Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 23 Rifampin - Doing well!

Finally, the herx from this course of Rifampin has subsided! I had some sleep issues, anxiety and nausea this time ... which I think was because I wasn't eating enough with my other meds (took very small doses of Xanax which took care of these symptoms) ... but for the past 3 days have been doing well! I even was able to do 40minutes on the treadmill on Saturday the 23rd and another 35 minutes on Monday the 25th! YAY!!!


  1. Wishing you the best of luck with your journey. My wife and I have stayed clear of most of the prescriptive medicines and are using Colloidal Silver and Detoxamin for the stipping of the Biofilm. I also use a GB4000, Doug's coil and am about to try LDN)
    If you Google Envita you will find the info on stripping the biofilm. One profound difference has been adding Kangen Water to my diet. I am convinced the immune system is key to balance (since I know people with active and old Lyme who have no symptoms). I have tried many, many things but when they gave me a BS diagnosis of CFS (because they couldnt find anything), the one item that saved me was Colloidal Silver (which I took for yeast not Lyme). Unfortunately, as soon as you stop the buggers come right back out.

  2. Hi, Mark! Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting and sharing your knowlege! Do you have a blog as well?


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