Friday, October 8, 2010

Back on Rifampin and back to herxing....

The more I thought about stopping the Rifampin just because of depression, the more worried I became. So, I decided to deal with the depression and get back on it. The result? I am still very depressed and have started having aches again and low energy as well. I've also been having lots of annoying dreams again.

I am back to crying several times per day and today I have had leg, ankle, calve, back of thigh, and hips / buttock aches as well as a bad headache. I had forgotten what this felt like and I was so very hopeful that I was "cured". The reality of this illness is adding to my depression.

Just as a note, in addition to 600 mg. daily of Rifampin, I am also back on 1000mg. daily of Ceftin and 100 mg. daily of Doryx. I also bought a Magnesium supplement today to start taking as well. Magesium is supposed to help with muscle and nerves ... so hoping that if I am deficient, then the supplementation will help with my muscle twitching.

The bottle of magnesium also states that it can help turn blood sugar into energy which is exactly what my body needs as a Type 2 diabetic. Sure would be great if I could improve my diabetes as well.

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