Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week of May 22 - May 29

Somewhere around May 22, I noticed one single bite on my belly just below my navel. It was slow to heal and I kept accidentally scratching it open and it would bleed. It was itchy and the center of it was deeper with raised edges. Eventually it scarred over and healed.

Other than noticing it, I never gave it much attention as to what type of bite it was but did think it strange to only have one single mosquito bite on my entire body. On May 24th, my precious second granddaughter, Airiana, passed away suddenly from SIDS at only 9 weeks of age. This was a devastating time for our family, so the least of my concerns was this bite!

Rest in peace, our precious Airiana Layne ... with our Lord Jesus ... until we meet again!

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