Saturday, July 17, 2010

Symptom Update

Yesterday was a bad pain day for me. Really the past two days. I've had quite a bit of lower back / spine pain and lots of flu-type body aches again all yesterday and last night. Took two hot tub baths to try and help a bit. Emotional stress and heartbreak sure didn't help any. I am thinking that these increased symptoms are another "herx" from adding the 2nd antibiotic to my regimen. It is the 3rd to 5th day which is common for a herx.

Praying for a less painful day today ... mostly emotionally. :(

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  1. I would agree that it is probably a herx. I know it is hard; however, be glad that you are herxing and killing the bugs. I don't think I ever herx except once on Limu (a algea drink) and the other on Samento(accidentally took too much) Now, I am slowly working into another treatment. Herxing is not fun, and it is often hard to tell the difference between Lyme and Herxing, but go with your gut. If it happening shortly after a new drug is added, then it is most likely a herx.


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