Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Symptom Check

The past two days (before today) I had a headache all day. Yesterday I attempted to get some exercise by walking on my treadmill. (Something I haven't done since becoming ill.) I was disappointed to find that after only 2.5 minutes, I was looking at the meter and feeling like I wanted to stop! I managed to make it to 5.0 minutes and I mean it was all I could muster.

I find this very discouraging as I was already terribly out-of-shape but I had managed to do at least 15 or 20 minutes before I contracted Lyme. I am so worried that I'm going to lose the little bit of muscle mass that I still have ... which isn't much!

As the afternoon and evening progressed, I became achy all over. My upper body ... arms, neck and shoulders ... bothered me as well even though they hadn't been "worked" on my treadmill. By bedtime, I was feeling pretty bad and took an Epsom Salt hot bath. I almost felt worse after the bath and went to bed.

This morning I felt pretty 'ok' and managed to spend some time with my daughter, then came home and vacuumed a bit. I'm curious as to whether I had a "mini herx" last night or if it was a result of the whole 5 minutes of exercise that I "did".

Added note 8 pm: right around 5 pm tonight I began feeling very achy and weak all over as if I had been 'run over' all in a moment's notice. I started to think that it could be my "normal" shakes that I get when my blood sugar is going low before a meal. I tested and sure enough that's what it was. So ... now when my blood sugar gets low, not only do I get the "hypo" shakes but I now get the "Lyme" aches! *sigh*

So many questions .... so few answers. :(

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