Sunday, July 4, 2010

June 21, 24, 25- 2010

June 21st, I experienced strange sharp pains in the bottom of my right foot throughout the night. No reason to think I had injured myself and it was very annoying while trying to sleep.

June 24th, I discovered a large swollen lymph node on the back right side of my head and my neck felt very stiff and the node was sore! I later discovered a small pea-sized swollen node under my chin on the right side as well. This was just very troublesome as I was still a bit concerned about that lump (lipoma) in my chest!

June 25th, I had an appointment with a surgeon to discuss removing the fatty lipoma since it was causing me discomfort. I was glad that I already had an appointment scheduled since these two glands had suddenly popped up since last night! Dr. Beaird wasn't sure what to think so he scheduled an ultrasound of the back of my head for 30 minutes prior to my surgery appointment set for July 8th.

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