Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, 2010 - PCP visit - discussed my Lyme 1st time

Ok, my PCP is back from vacation and saw me this afternoon. She was very nice ...
listened thoroughly and was very open to all I told her about my symptoms and my investigations into Lyme. I withheld some of what I've learned so as to not make her feel like I don't trust her. I did tell her about the popular opinions with lab testing and that the preferred is Western Blot, and even mentioned Igenex.

After my rundown of all my symptoms and of course being able to show her my swollen finger joint ... she does clinically think that I have Lyme. She refilled my abx for another 20 days which would make a total of 30 days in all since I just completed the 10. She stated that the current recommendations is for the dosage I was on (100 mg 2x daily) even though I mentioned that I had heard that wasn't strong enough ... but again, I didn't want to seem pushy with her. She and I went to school together and there is no need to make her feel like I don't trust her care. I know she is doing all that she legally CAN do for me.

Anyway, she did send me down for another blood draw and specifically requested the Western Blot this time ... although she wasn't sure if that would "work". Also, it may be that the insurance won't cover it but we'll find that out later. I never mentioned my upcoming appt with a LLMD for the 30th of this month and I won't at this time.

Most importantly, she refilled my abx through the next 20 days which will get me to my LLMD appointment ... so that is sufficient! I am anxious though to see if the lab WILL run the western blot this time and also if it will show any IND or Positive bands.

Thanks to my knowledge gained from various web sites ... I did know to ask for the Doryx instead of just Doxy ... to help with tummy issues. I was SHOCKED when I found out how much it costs!!! TWENTY days worth ... 40 pills .... total cost was $405.89 ... thank GOD, my insurance co-pay was only $50.00. It must have been because there wasn't a generic for the Doryx! WOW!

Edit: Ok, the Doryx is the "name brand" of Doxy ... but Doryx is delay-released so it is easier on the tummy!

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