Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 2 - 2010

Upon waking this morning and getting out of my bed, I had a terrible time walking! My legs were extremely weak and wobbly and I walked as though I had something like MS. It felt like my legs were going to "give out" on me at any moment. My lower back / spine area and hips ached and pained terribly! By supper time I had a very bad headache and stiff neck and my legs were aching terribly again. This by far is the worst day I've had yet!

This happens to have been Day #4 of my antibiotic treatment. I have since learned that this feeling much worse is called "herxing". It is when the Lyme bugs are dying off and releasing toxins into your body. It is "normal" to feel much worse during this time and I certainly did!

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