Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 12 -2010 - Birthday and 1st LLMD visit!

1st LLMD visit - New Meds

Yes, I am posting this a day late! Yesterday was my 46th birthday ... and I feel more like 60 than 46. I was blessed with a nice evening spent with my wonderful hubby, two precious daughters, one of my future son-in-laws and a precious call from my grandbaby Jenna! She greeted me by singing "Happy Birthday" to me over the phone! What a blessing that was!

My day began with a phone call from my LLMD's office. My 1st appointment was scheduled for July 30th but they had a cancellation at 11:20 on my birthday! What a gift to be able to get in to see him a couple of weeks early!

The doctor and his staff were very nice. He spent a full hour with me, going over all of my symptoms, examining me and drawing a ton of blood! WOW, I was weak and woozy after that .... surprised I had any left in me! LOL!

The blood will be sent to IGENEX (the lab of choice for Lyme) in California. I had to pay the lab in advance ... $260.00. The doc looked at my hands and fingers and said that I do have signs of early Arthritis. He saw things that I hadn't noticed in my fingers.

He also said that I have an inflammatory process going on in my body ... an auto-immune response in which for some reason, my body is attacking itself. He never came out and said for sure it is Lyme but he has started me on the protocol for Lyme Disease.

I received 5 prescriptions for meds and had to purchase 4 supplements which alone totalled $177.20. Thankfully, the 3 prescriptions that I had to fill immediately only amounted to about $17.00 in co-pays.

He also stressed the importance of changing my diet. Absolutely NO GLUTEN, or DAIRY .. this added to my diabetes diet of NO SUGAR or CARBS doesn't leave much to eat! I think I'm going to start "grazing" in the yard .... but only where there are no ticks! ;o)

So now, I have to figure out when and how to fit all of my new meds into my day along with the 6 pills that I already take daily! Hey, maybe I won't be hungry anyway after I fill up with pills! :o)

I will wait for the lab results which will likely take a couple of weeks and my next scheduled appointment with my Doc which is August 24th.

As far as symptoms, I have become painful again the past couple of days. Don't know if it is from changing over from plain Doxy for 10 days to my current Doryx ... and / or the one day "off meds" in between or what?

My hands and fingers continue to hurt and ache and now my lower back and hip have been painful. It was very difficult driving so far to and from Franklin yesterday ... hard to hold the accelerator pedal down for so long. Getting some sporadic pains in my calves and shins again as well.

That's it for now!

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  1. What a great picture! Happy Birthday-sorry so late reading this. Loved your comment "Think I will start grazing in the yard." I think I will come join you; I will bring the sea salt to spice it up a little. :)


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